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· Jusufi, Islam. (2023). Security studies in and on North Macedonia: the state of the discipline. Bezbednosni Dijalozi / Security Dialogues, 14(1), 167–199. DOI: 10.47054/SD23141167j.

· Jusufi, Islam. (2023). The Nexus of Judiciary Power and Corruption in Albania: Strategies of Defiance and Evasions. Journal of Developing Societies, 39(3), 327-346. DOI: 10.1177/0169796X231179404.

· Aydın-Aitchison, A., E. Brandon, M. Buljubašić, M. Dobrovolskis, A. Gerdeci, T Hoffmann, N. Higgins, M.P. Hossain, N. Jeiranashvili, I. Jusufi, G. Maguire, A. Maljević, M. Mancini, U. Markevičiūtė, L. Martinaitytė, Matsiko, J. Radmanović, I.M. Ragaišytė, B. Ristivojević, S. Samardžić, R. Steponavičiūtė, N. Stojanović, G. Švedas, and A. Vosyliūtė. (2023). States and International Criminal Justice: COST CA18228 Scoping Survey. [Dataset, version 1].

· Gerdeci, Alba, Islam Jusufi. (2023). States and International Criminal Justice: COST CA18228 Scoping Survey: Albania. [Dataset, version 1].

· Jusufi, Islam. (2023). EU’s international relations in the practice of criticizing the human rights record of Russia. Journal of Human Rights Practice, 15(2), 523–540. DOI: 10.1093/jhuman/huad005. Click here for free access for a limited number of downloads. 

· Brie, Mircea, Islam Jusufi, Polgár István József. (2023). North Macedonia’s internal and external identity disputes and agreements: role and implication for the civil society. Civil Szemle, 20(2), 69-98.

· Jusufi, Islam, Tea Hodaj, Alban Nako, Jubjana Vila. (2023). International Relations scholarship in and on Albania (1991-2022): the state of the discipline 30 years after the transition to democracy. [Dataset]. Mendeley Data. DOI: 10.17632/p7zf64v9dn.1.

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